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XenForo плагин PemBer - Professional Paid Membership Plugin 1.5.3

The Most Complete Paid Membership Solution for Your XenForo with pay to join, gift upgrades and more

    Совместимость с XenForo:
    • 1.3
    • 1.4
    • 1.5.x
    Демо плагина:
    Setup Paid Membership Forum with XenForo in minutes!
    is a professional Paid Membership plugin for serious Entrepreneurs, who want a no-stress solution which just works, to setup a paid membership forum in minutes.

    Are you thinking of adding a paid forum to your Blog? Or Do you already have a forum and wonder if you can get members to pay a monthly recurring fee?

    If yes, XenForo provides you with the best forum experience online. Even Sony, IGN and One Plus all use XenForo. But xenforo's premium membership features are lacking for serious entrepreneurs who aim to grow their communities to several hundred or even thousands of paying members.

    With XenForo, you cannot have a paywall or Pay to Register forum. Your members cannot buy directly with their credit cards (Paypal accepting credit cards is a dodgy solution) and they can't even extend their plans or jump between membership plans. And you have to sit and calculate cents if someone wants their upgrade from Monthly to Quarterly pro-rated!

    Unfortunately, XenForo, this super awesome forum software, makes it incredibly difficult to sell premium membership.

    • Members HAVE to register to BUY
    • Members cannot buy the same plan again
    • The "Upgrades" page is buried DEEP inside the forum, members can't even find it
    • Members cannot buy with other than paypal
    • Members cannot jump from a Monthly to a Quarterly or yearly plan without headaches
    • If someone changes a payment Plan, you have to manually cancel his previous plan
    • You cannot sell Downloads with XenForo Resource Manager
    • If you want a proper Landing page, you HAVE to use another script.
    .... and so on!

    PemBer solves ALL of the above problems and more...

    Simply put, PemBer is the missing gear which can make sales through xenforo skyrocket! PemBer let's you create a paid membership site with xenforo literally in 10 minutes.

    In 10 minutes, you can install PemBer, create a premium usergroup, integrate with your chosen payment gateway and start driving traffic to your Sales Page! PemBer provides you all the tools you need!

    So here's a glimpse of some of the features of PemBer:

    Let member's pay to register:

    Plug the loss of sales by letting visitors buy and register instead of forcing Registration first, which kills sales. And all in one single Click!

    (You can still offer Free Registration if you want)

    PemBer offers Single click to Paypal and a Single click to Register with Card.
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  1. Dan619
    Версия: 1.5.3
    Great but PLEASE UPGRADE to 1.5.5 as promised!!